Facebook Quizzes

I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I spent with the wrong people.

– Danielle Perry

I must confess my affinity for a good FB quiz.

I spend way too much time on FB as it is, so it’s no surprise that most of that time is spent reading articles and doing random fb quiz things. Today, I did a quiz where they made a quote based on your name. It was a great premise. 

The quote is funny because it seems half accurate but it’s actually pretty wrong. I don’t regret time spent with people, mostly because I don’t think I’d call any of them wrong. 

Right now I’m listening to the soundtrack of the Sondheim musical, Company. It’s a great musical that I watched on Netflix a few years back. Since then I’ve been a pretty big Sondheim fan and this show, along with Merrily We Roll Along (a show I’ll link to later) have been two of my favorites. Both shows are about friendship – one is about the necessity of the institution, while the other is about the loss of it – and that’s something I never thought too deeply about before watching these shows. 

It’s easy to go through life and convince yourself that your only regrets are the people you wasted time with. But those aren’t my regrets. Because it’s hard to feel like time has ever been wasted with people. Company is important – in good and bad times – and it’s good to go through life with it. The tragedy of Merrily We Roll Along is that the importance of company and friendship gets lost as life goes along and people gain or lose success. And people really do start to believe that time spent with people is time worthy of regret. 

I don’t have much more to say about the topic except that I really like Sondheim. And especially these musicals. Okay, I’m done. 


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