Party Like a Rockstar

My favorite thing about being in NYC is going to parties.

This is a weird discovery for me because I wasn’t much of a partyer in college. I barely participated in events at my eating club, except for the occasional formal or semi-formal. But now that I’m here in New York, I love attending small parties.

I realized this last Saturday, when I arrived home at 4AM, mildy inebriated, fairly tired, and super excited about the upcoming week. My friend had thrown a get-together that featured lots of alcohol and lots of cool people. After 7 straight hours of partying – ending in a short philosophical discussion about the Catholic Church and continued denials of the invitation to stay over – I went home tired and remembering why I love this city so much.

In my experience, NYC house parties are the best kinds of parties. They tend to be chill and relaxed and you get to meet so many cool people. I kind of want to attend a party every weekend.

This post is basically just me gushing about how great parties are. I have no epiphanies to share about them. I will say, though, that parties are the best places to meet eligible young men. In my experience…


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