The Search for Spiritual Friendship (4): Vulnerability

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine was telling me about a sermon she had heard at mass. The priest was talking about the passage where Jesus tells the people that if they lead a “little one” astray, it’s better to tie a milestone around their neck and drown in the ocean. The priest’s point was that “little one” may not just mean children, as it’s usually understood. Little ones are just the vulnerable people of the world.

Not only that, but those we see as vulnerable may be different than we usually think. Because, according to the priest, God has such a heart for “little ones” and vulnerable peoples because He makes Himself vulnerable to us.

This struck me, because vulnerability is something I struggle with often. I often switch between wanting to be super vulnerable and wanting to never be vulnerable again. Vulnerability is painful for everyone, but it’s really important to a successful friendship.

I’m trying to be better at being vulnerable. I’m trying not to fear the rejection that comes with vulnerability. I’m trying to put myself out there and see what happens.

That last part is really hard for me. It’s where I find myself now. I try to spend less time in my head. I try not to be a version of myself (which reminds me a lot of a lyric from this Hozier song).

I’ll let you know how that’s working out.


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