I was at a conference in the city yesterday. It was a women’s empowerment type thing and it was surprisingly pretty good. I initially went out of a subtle obligation but I’m glad I did because I was able to meet some cool people and feel more empowered than I had before!

I’ve been trying to be a better person this summer. Unlike most of the things in my life, this doesn’t actually have much of a relational focus, but instead mind, body, spirit type betterment (whatever that means). Here are the ways I’ve been trying to improve so far. Some of these are goals that I just created for the summer, others are goals that I’ve had for a while:

– Be healthier

It’s an important goal and one I know I should always be trying to do but it’s so easy for me not to do this. Eating tacos from Los Tacos #1 is so much easier than exercising or just not eating those tacos. But this summer will be different!

– Learn how to code

Not only is this important because of the way the future is looking, but also because I’ve really always wanted to know how to code. It seems really cool. So I’m taking a class on http://www.edx.org.

– Relearn Biblical Hebrew

I took Biblical Hebrew my Junior Fall, while I was also taking Greek, Latin, and two other courses. Needless to say, I did not retain any of my knowledge of the language. (Funny enough, that was not my worst class that semester! Wait, is that funny…?) I dusted off my grammar book from college and I’m going chapter by chapter and learning all the things that I barely learned before. Onwards and upwards!

– Do significant work on my thesis

No need to explain this one.

– Read books!

In high school, I loved reading. Then college came and the only books I can recall reading for fun were by Henri Nouwen and Lee Strobel (both books were good, btw). My siblings and I decided to do a summer reading group/club/thing because we all think we should read more. So far I’ve read a book called Station Eleven and Paper Towns, but that was only because it’s going to become a movie and I like John Green. I’m also reading The Bluest Eye. So I’m kind of killing the game with this one… I also reread part of The Kite Runner! That book is amazing.

– Do more creative writing

I used to write a lot, especially in the beginning of college, but since then I haven’t done much. I’m going to try to start using my second blog, which was originally meant for creative writing, more. Hopefully, I’ll post on there at least once or twice a week. I’ll still post here too. The idea is that posting more on my other blog will also compel me to post more on this blog. The content over there will be creative stuff, like the screenplay I’m currently writing or poetry that I’ve written, but it will probably also be essays because I really like writing essays and I’m also kind of good at writing essays so why not do that? Anyway, I’ll be posting here more.

Those are my basic goals for the summer. They’re all pretty attainable so I’m not scared. Like I said, they’re general betterment goals. I do have two relational goals as well, but they’re less concrete:

– Travel more

For some reason I consider traveling relational, even though my goal isn’t just to travel more with friends. I do want to travel more with the homies (something I’ll be doing in August!) but I also just want to go places alone. That’s a general life goal though. I always want to travel more.

– Spend more time with God

This is always a goal and it’s always unattainable. The former is good and the latter isn’t too bad either.

Those are my summer goals, which are actually life goals. Good job if you made it through this post. Better job is you skipped to the end and still got the gist of this post. Best job is you can read minds and didn’t read this post at all but still know every word that was written in it. You, person-but-probably-computer, are a national treasure.

OK, I’m going to stop now.

Seriously, right now.

I’m done.



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