There are a lot of things about my job that I hate. The seeming incompetence of the administrative staff, the disorganized scheduling, the last minute changes, and the lack of direction for the class I teach. This last point is one I try to think of as a test for real-life class creation, which is something professors have to do. Still, I can’t help but wonder if there are other ways for me to make good money doing something I enjoy, which this is increasingly not.

I’m at work right now and, as I just told my friend, I’m sitting in a classroom with one student. I asked said student to check to see if his classmates were in a different classroom (because I just received a schedule 2 hours ago telling me to be in a different classroom) and he reported that they weren’t (there wouldn’t be much reason for this student to lie about this since now he just has to hang out alone in a classroom with me. Plus he seems like a pretty good kid). So, basically, I’m writing a blog post at work because I’m in a classroom with one student and all of my material is group work.

I knew going into this summer that this would be a mess. I had numerous bad feelings about this job, but I just assumed they were all going to end with me being fired (that was the hope). Instead, I’m left here, not fired, having two additional classes, still trying to determine the structure for this class. So this is really exciting.

Hard to see the light at the end of this tunnel (except for the fact that I only have 4 weeks left).


P.S. Sure, my last sentence was dramatic but this whole situation is so laughably, ridiculously, devastatingly, bad that I feel like my dramatics are warranted 😛


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