Stress Management and Hanging Out

It’s been a little while, but I felt like sharing some new developments in my life. 

A few weeks ago, I was ridiculously stressed. It wasn’t even ridiculous, it was mostly just sad. There was a point last week when I was at a job training and we had to go around and describe ourselves with a word that had the same first letter as one of our initials and I could only think of the words “disastrous”, “depressed” and “pedantic” (I eventually settled on pleasant, which is just a horrible word). Yeah, it was a rough week. 

Then, I got a chance to reevaluate things. I decided my life isn’t impossible or horrible, but I was only able to reach that conclusion thanks to an old friend. 

Hanging out over the past few weeks helped me get back on track but it also helped me waste time and appreciate the presence of other people (we weren’t supposed to be wasting time, I’m just inefficient). Plus it helped me remember to stay connected. 

At times like these, my first thought is to disconnect from other people and figure things out on my own. I had already kind of started this and I planned to continue/kick it into high gear as the summer progressed. The one thing to do before then was hang out with my friend at least once before I disappeared for the season. 

A hang out turned into a few hours at a really chill bar and an invitation to do work together, which sounds boring but is actually not (maybe it is). And the rest is basically history, albeit very recent history. 

So, as always, thanks Earnie for inadvertently whipping me into shape and reminding me what humans are like and making me feel like I’m in the good parts of college again. And the really good healthy snacks. And the tea! And your awesome housemates! And your art history knowledge!

This should be a pretty great summer. I’m actually pretty excited 😀


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