I Think I Love…My Life

Last week, I took a road trip with my family down to South Carolina. The road trip was to go to my grandmother’s funeral. During the trip and the funeral, I had three distinct and important thoughts. The trip was ~3 days so the three thoughts/ideas divide nicely into three phases/epochs. This post is about the first phase.

I think I love my life. No, I do love my life. My friend has a blog that uses the phrase “pilgrims travel light” (I’ll link to it later). I don’t consider myself a pilgrim (what is a pilgrim, really? No, really) but I do travel light. I realized this last night when I traveled down to Princeton from NYC to meet my family and spend the weekend in my hometown.

I love traveling and I love doing things spontaneously and on very short notice (I’m still saving up money to go to Europe for a weekend). When I was in the car driving down to SC, I realized I was doing both those things with my favorite people.

The feeling you get when you realize, I’m now firmly situated in my mid-twenties and I’m single, poor (but in a middle-class way), and free on Saturday is one of the coolest feelings in the world. It’s the feeling where you understand that you’ve been given so much grace and that life really is beautiful.

Those are the days when I don’t want to be tied down at all (to be honest, those days are becoming more common). Those are the days when I’m more than happy to just enjoy life, love people, and see what happens next. And honestly, my life is full of days like that. I don’t go to all the coolest places or do all the most awesome things but I have a lot of fun doing whatever it is I’m doing.

So yeah, I’ve never been in love before but…I think I love my life.


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