Vomiting, Code-Switching, Other Miscellaneous Things, and Growing Up

I haven’t written in this space for a few weeks – partially because of busyness, partially because of not having the words to say – and so I wanted to write something now. Or better yet, somethings.

The other day, we took my dad to a restaurant for his birthday. It’s not my fave restaurant – nor my dad’s – but we went partially because my mom had a coupon and my dad knew she wanted to go there. Last time I was there, I got food poisoning (or at least I threw up after eating my meal) so I wasn’t too excited about going back. I didn’t throw up this time but the whole experience got me thinking about vomiting.

Up until the summer before my freshman year of college, I hadn’t vomited in many years. I had forgotten the sensation. That summer (and the preceding spring, and following fall, and winter) was pretty different for me. I was in a lot of hospitals and doctor’s offices for lots of different reasons and there were periods of my life when I was just in pain. It was interesting. Anyway, one of the things that started happening around that time was my strange case of random and unexpected vomiting. That sounds so nasty. It was.

I always remembered that vomiting was nasty. Duh. I just hadn’t remembered how painful it is. How your body is trying to force something up when it should stay down. How your stomach is tightening, your mouth fills up with saliva and you can’t do much to keep from embarrassing yourself in front of a classroom full of your peers, all of whom you’ve just met. I had forgotten that feeling. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it again though.


Code-switching is an interesting phenomenon. I don’t know why I was thinking about it a few weeks back but I did promise I would write about it so here goes. It’s an interesting remnant of the Civil Rights Era, which was an interesting remnant of Jim Crow, which was an interesting remnant of Slavery.

Granted, it’s not specific to the black community – people code-switch when they go from interacting with friends to interacting with colleagues to interacting with superiors – but it is weird when it happens in the black community. There’s a video of Kanye West doing it. I have nothing more to say about that.


Making new friends is always pretty exciting but it’s also pretty hard. Well, not pretty hard, just more difficult than expected. Mostly because you don’t yet know the habits, tendencies, likes and dislikes of the person you’re trying to be friends with. Just some thoughts as I begin making new friends. Important stuff.


“Growing Up” shouldn’t be the title of this last section because that makes it seem as if what I’m about to talk about is somehow immature or not grown up. Anyway, I’ve found writing in this space much more tedious than it once was. It’s not surprising. Before I started this blog I wasn’t good at writing in journals or diaries. In fact, I had this blog for two years without writing on it. So now, two years (or has it been three?) later, I think I won’t be writing in this space much more. Not because blogs – or journals, or diaries for that matter – are for children, but because they’re not for me right now. That doesn’t mean I’ll never come back – I might come back next week! – but it does mean I’m done for now. I think ‘growing up’ in this sense is just meant as doing new things and experiencing life differently. I don’t think I’ll be less introspective – at least I hope not – I just think I’ll probably have more thoughts floating around my head or only existing in the shower. Something like that.


As far as final posts go, I could probably do better but, let’s be honest, I probably won’t.


Until next time!



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