This summer, I want to take a vacation.

I haven’t been on a real vacation in a while. I’ve visited different places, and my soon-to-be 20 year-old sister forced us to go to Disney World last year because she still believes it’s a place “where dreams come true” (her words…and the words of all those commercials). But since college, I haven’t really gone on a Danielle-approved vacation. Here’s a trip vs. vacation:

A trip is when you go somewhere, you wake up at a certain time, you do set activities, you see things and you have fun. I like trips. I’ve been wanting to go on a road trip for years.

A vacation is when you go somewhere with no set itinerary, luxuriate, get lost in a new and unfamiliar city, eat foods you’ve never eaten before, go sightseeing and have fun.

Both experiences involve fun but vacations are so much more carefree.

Right now I have a Kayak price alert for <$500 plane tickets to any city. It’s funny because I don’t have $500 but I figured if I put in a lower number, I wouldn’t find anything.

At the rate I’m saving, in a year, I’ll be able to fly to any place in the world (that costs less than $500) and presumably sleep and eat in the airport since I wouldn’t have any money left over for a hotel/motel. But a girl can dream.

Maybe this summer, in the month between weddings, I’ll go somewhere awesome and be unreachable. That would be so amazing.


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