Theological Politics

My computer has some sort of virus. It’s annoying.

Today was supposed to be the day I cleaned up my apartment, did my laundry and studied for my exams. Instead I wandered around outside for an hour, washed a few dishes (like five or six) and made a googledoc. I did a little studying in the meantime but definitely not enough. It’s looking like tomorrow will be a day of much work.

My weeks are starting to get packed. Saturday are really the only days I have to rest and I think I’ve started letting the idea of resting take precedence over any kind of productive work. I did some productive things today. For instance, the dishes I washed needed to be washed and I’m glad I got to make my googledoc but overall I still have a lot of studying to do for my upcoming exams and I’m putting more on my plate. 

More=more tutoring students. I like tutoring but I honestly don’t have the time for all the students I’m currently tutoring. I can make the time, but making time means being more productive and procrastinating less. That’s fine. It’s efficient. But, people weren’t actually made to be efficient. At least I don’t think so. Even machines aren’t perfectly efficient, how can we expect humans to be?

So I’ll be praying I can use my time more efficiently as I write this post. (Maybe this is ironic? I’m not sure.)

I’ve been really into politics for a few years. I briefly considered going into politics and then I remembered…nevermind. I just decided not to. But I still took a good number of politics courses. I took mostly Classics, a good number of Religion (mostly crosslisted with Judaic Studies), and then politics. I took about 1 politics course a year which doesn’t sound like much unless you consider the fact that I usually took at least 2 Classics courses and one Religion course each semester and the remaining course was often a distribution requirement. 

Basically, I like politics. But more than that, I like where politics overlaps with religion and ancient history. 

I visited the Free Library a few times this week and since I was waiting for a few hours I decided to look at some books. For some reason, I was thinking about Stanley Hauerwas (my roommate last year wrote her JP on him and I think someone had mentioned him recently. Maybe at the Redeemer conference I went to). I can’t say I know much about him, so if you’re looking for any background info, check out wikipedia.

His book was actually a commentary on the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I’ve always wanted to read DB so reading the Hauerwas book made me even more interested. The book was talking about politics and the Bible. It’s interesting to note how the Bible deals with politics. Throughout the New and Old Testament, the prophets talk about the Messiah ushering in a new kingdom. Jesus talks about the kingdom of God and what it will be like. Even in the most famous prayer, Jesus states, “Thy kingdom come, they will be done.” Jesus was crowned with thorns and called king of the Jews. 

It’s funny to me when Christians claim God doesn’t care about politics. It’s true, God doesn’t care about American politics (at least not the way some people seem to think He does) or British politics or Brazilian politics or Russian politics or Iranian politics. But the Bible is obsessed with politics. It’s all the Bible talks about. It’s all Jesus talks about. 

What this means, I don’t know. But I do know that I wouldn’t mind spending the next few years of my life thinking about topics like this. That would be amazing.



I have this idea for a paper about Paul’s use of the word “walk” in the New Testament. I haven’t really thought it out at all or done any research into it but I’m pretty excited about the prospect of this paper. That is all.




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