Reaching Out

Steph, Nat and I had our weekly book discussion thing (which has started to become the highlight of my week) and we were sharing prayer requests. Nat had just told us about how sometimes, working at her company,  even though many people shared her economic conservatism, they were more socially liberal. This in itself wasn’t a bad thing but the conversation that would normally accompany it was. Instead of the “real world” being a place where, like college, you can share your opinion openly and everyone wants to hear it, it was more difficult to interject her opinion at a table of her coworkers and superiors.

Fortunately, Natalie lives with a good friend from college. After the conversation, they were able to kind of debrief and talk through the conversation they had just had.

Sometimes, I feel the same way. Being surrounded by future academics, I generally don’t meet too many Christians outside of church. The people I worship with are really nice,  but I haven’t built relationships with them and I don’t really expect to. Then Steph said something brilliant.

“You know you can call or email me of you need to talk something out.”

I kind of knew I could talk to my friends if I was going through a rough situation but I really needed to hear that. I think I’m still trying to find the balance between never asking for help and being completely dependent on my friends.

For some reason, when my friends offer to be there for me I just don’t take it to heart. Reading Life of the Beloved has also kind of shown me that my reluctance to believe this isn’t completely unheard of but probably has something to do with something.

I think I’m going to try to take my friends up on their offers more (keeping in mind their schedules and responsibilities). We’ll see how it goes.


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