I don’t like racially fraught things. I’m not naive enough to believe that we live in a post-racial world or that racism doesn’t exist but I also didn’t grow up in the same generation as my parents who experienced a much more segregated and hateful US than I have.

This is an article I read about MLK. His birthday was Wednesday but the holiday is tomorrow so I figure this post is at about the right time. It’s very interesting. You may not agree with everything it says but I think it brings up some interesting stuff about history, especially black history in America and specifically the history of Dr. King. The South under Jim Crow was horrible. I’ve heard stories from my mom and grandmother but that probably doesn’t even cover a lot of what they experienced. I know that my being able to attend great schools, study an arguably useless discipline and live the life I want to live without worry is not something my ancestors got to experience. I know that Dr. King is one of the main people I can think for that.


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