Michael Gungor: A Follow-Up To My Blog Post On The Problem With The Christian Music Industry

Pretty nice follow-up post. Even though I still agree with a lot of what Michael Gungor originally said I also agree that cooperation is a far better human characteristic than competition. As my rant last week and (hopefully) my most recent post showed, rants can be very visceral, emotional, and therefore necessary, but should generally be followed by intelligent reflection.

That makes me sound even more arrogant than I am (is that even possible?!?!!?). I promise, I don’t think everything I say and do is perfectly right.



There is this blog that I wrote a couple years ago making its way around the internet again the last few days.  It’s a spicy little rant that I wrote on a plane as I was coming home from a long “Christian music” tour, and I was tired, cranky and sick of the copious loads of b.s. that I had continually encountered in the religious circles that I found myself in.

The blog was angry.  It wasn’t all that articulate or even very well thought through, but it did call a spade and some people appreciated that.  Of course, it made some people angry too.  Some said that I was arrogant and cynical, and maybe I was.
I ended up deleting the blog because, as I thought about it and discussed the issue through the next year, I realized some things. I realized that the issues I was upset about…

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