Apologies and Forward Thinking

So my last post got pretty ranty. I don’t know why I’m so angered by Christian Art, I just am. I guess it’s because in some ways I fancy myself an artist and in all ways I fancy myself a Christian and I sometimes feel stuck by the art I’m supposed to like, the books I’m supposed to read, the songs I’m supposed to sing, etc. Like I said last time, I don’t dislike any of these “Christian” things, I just wonder how undergrad would’ve been different if I hadn’t been so ascetic with regards to these things. (Even though I wasn’t even that ascetic!) I don’t know, I just think that we should be less prohibitive when it comes to art. Myself included.

I’m sorry for ranting.

My friend was passing through Philly the other day so I went to the train station to chill with her while she waited for her bus. We ate and caught up and it was really cool. It didn’t feel like we had spent much time apart.

While we were reminiscing about college, my mind started wondering about the future. I’m admittedly very future – inclined but in an idealist sort of way; that is, I don’t do much planning for the future, I just like to think about it.

I think about the future in three ways:
1. My social future (what will my relationships be like?)
Sometimes I wonder if I’ll get married or have kids, if I’ll be a cool aunt, if I’ll travel the world and speak a few languages, if I’ll be a god mother (that would be really cool), if I’ll still be friends with some of the people I’m friends with now, who/how my new friends will be. I wonder about my future relationships.

2. The future world (what will this country or this world look like?)
I wonder about whether America will exist in 50 years, whether humans will be controlled by technology (she writes on her smartphone), what new social mores will exist, whether we’ll ever have universal healthcare. The important stuff.

3. My future career
This one can be anywhere from, where will I go to grad school to, if I do get married and have kids, will I be a stay at home mom?

The third question was what I thought of while talking to my buddy. She was on her way back to work in D.C. and the future felt present in that moment. We were adults. And she had a real, paying job. We were discussing our shared past and her possible future. It was almost surreal. Especially the job part.

My plan is to also have a paying job one day. But when I think about my current career path, I’m reminded of the friend who told me that academia was the most selfish career choice.

I don’t disagree with her. I don’t know that Classics has many applications outside of the ivory tower. And yet, I can’t help but feel called to it. Maybe that’s why I’m so passionate about Christian Art. In the same way that there can be a non – Christ painting that glorifies God, a way of glorifying God must exist in a field that is so secular and selfish. I know it does. Because as my Jewish friend Jessica reminded me, “we need more Christians in academia”.


It’s funny because Jessica is the same person I ranted to about Christian Art. She totally humored me. Also, Jessica was a ridiculously common name in the early 90s. I know six. Eight, kind of.


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