The City of Brotherly Love

I’m (basically) all settled into my new apartment out here in Philly. It’s a studio so it feels kind of like an over-sized dorm room but it’s nice. Homey. 

Earlier today I had dinner with some old high school buddies. I was kind of dreading the meal since I haven’t spoken to them in four years but it went really well. They’re both different than I remember them (in good ways) but also kind of the same (in good ways). I guess that’s a cliche.

One thing that I was especially dreading coming out here was making new friends. After I finally slept here on Wednesday though, I remembered how introverted I am. When I hung out with the Pway expats (as Ev calls us) I realized how much of a problem that might be.

I have a pretty good feeling that I could make it through this entire year spending weekends on my couch, taking bus rides to NYC and DC, taking the train in to Princeton and New Brunswick, or working (when I finally get a job). But when Steve and Ev were talking about the time they’ve spent in Philly so far – checking out Center City, eating at some of the good eats in University City/West Philly – I realized how easy it may be for me to miss out on this city. The thing is, I want to give Philadelphia a chance, I just don’t know how to.

I guess the first step is making friends finding a job, then making friends, then forcing my new friends to take me cool places in the city. I feel like Philly could be a great place for me, I just need to let that happen.

The first step I’m taking to that end is checking out this church a few blocks from me. I’m already familiar with a church in Philly but the one thing I always felt when I visited last spring was that there wasn’t really a place for me. Going to that church, I always felt like I was receiving a lot of wisdom, good teaching, etc., but I never felt like I could give anything. Granted, I was at a different stage of life five months ago and I wasn’t looking to serve at Epiphany but still. Anyway, I’ve really been looking forward to checking out this new church. 


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