Monday’s going to be an interesting day. I really can’t wait.

I can sometimes be a doubting Thomas, especially when it comes to surprisingly good news. I know I need to trust God for that stuff. God, please help me stop worrying about stuff you’ve already taken care of.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about the next few weeks. I get to go down to Princeton, visit Brenda, and (hopefully) give her some good news. Then I get to go visit R Deezy and her mom. I’m really looking forward to that. Life is so good right now, I don’t even deserve it.

My recently married friend’s wife always posts on facebook in hashtags and I have the uncanny urge to do the same.

#cantmakethisstuffup #isntGodgood #lifeaftercollegeisballer #thesehashtagsarefartoolong #nowicantstop #butnotlikemiley #oknowimdone #djpout


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