Not about Tom Brady, Tim Tebow and the Pats

I was listening to this sermon from 1 Kings 19 today. It was an OK sermon but what it really did was make me think about that famous passage. The part that always get highlighted is how all these things happen but the way God speaks to Elijah is in a gentle whisper. We always expect God to do these crazy things to get our attention but His voice is really in the small stuff sometimes.

It’s a pretty cool/uplifting message and it’s definitely one I like to read. But the other part of it – the part that I never really thought about – is pretty cool too. First Elijah gets a strong wind, probs a tornado, then an earthquake, then a fire, and then he hears God’s voice. What the what?!?! How crazy is that?!?! Elijah is just chilling while three natural disasters are happening! WHAT?!!?!?!?

I’m sorry, but I think this is really crazy. The earth probably feels like it’s on the brink of just coming apart and Elijah is sitting there trying to wait and hear God’s voice. First of all, how do you even do that? I can imagine, if all that stuff was happening to me while I was just on top of a mountain I would probably think I was about to die. And I don’t think I’d be in any position to hear someone whisper to me. I’d be scared out of my mind.

Second, and way more important, that’s so cool. When you read the passage, it’s almost like the earth was preparing itself to be in the presence of God. It’s like, everything just got really excited in that moment. The wind started going crazy, the earth started shaking (it was probably a little nervous) and fire was just rising up out of nowhere (kind of like a worship song). Honestly, it’s not that surprising when you consider Romans 8:22.

When you think of 1 Kings 19 that way, it’s super cool.

One day, maybe after Friday’s preseason game, I’ll write a post about the Patriots. I always want to but I’m too lazy. But it will happen! Also, props to Earnie for increasing my Euro presence last week. Let’s see if you can get through the Great Firewall. Or if you ever see this.


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