Amazon has this program where you can trade-in a book or electronic device or whatever and get a gift card based on how much they decide the book/electronic/whatever is worth. They’re also really cool about it because once you decide you want to trade-in your stuff, they send you a shipping label and a packing slip so you don’t even have to pay for postage!

Anyway, I sent in some books because I really need some Amazon money and I’ll probably never open those books anyway. I’m currently tracking the shipment. It went from my hometown to Jersey City to Missouri and then to Ohio. Yes, that’s right. It went from New Jersey to Missouri to Ohio. WHAT?!?! Why would that happen??? Who drove that route???? That doesn’t make any sense at all!

I don’t think I have any epiphany moments from this story, I’m honestly just confused. Why would the package travel backwards? Well, I guess one epiphany moment I have from this story: Revelation 2:4. That verse jumps into my head at least once a week. I guess when I see a truck backtracking it reminds me of the verse again.


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