Great Expectations

I’ve been reading Hebrews for my daily devos and listening to a bunch of Lecrae and it’s awesome. Every time I start reading through a different book of the Bible it becomes my new favorite book. Even though I’ve read through it a few times it always seems new and awesome. That’s the brilliant thing about the Bible; it’s always relevant. I’ve been trying to read more, especially more philosophy/theology, and the Bible is a pretty awesome place to start. Some fave verses from Hebrews: 9:22 is an easy favorite as is the entirety of chapter 7.

One of my favorite Lecrae songs is “High” from the Rehab album. Favorite lyric: “Hello, hand’s high like His name/ I been purchased by the blood, homie I can show you change”. Second favorite: “I don’t need drugs, got the Most High”.

Somehow, reading Hebrews has got me thinking about America’s obsession with the “antihero”. So many popular shows now star a guy who’s kind of a hero but doesn’t really have any moral center and just does his own thing. Honestly, a bunch of my favorite shows have these types of characters. And I can’t help but wonder, why are we as a society so attracted to these characters who do the right thing but have no real moral code? Maybe it’s because we like the idea of a relative morality and seeing a hero who doesn’t live by the moral code we do but still does good things is some “proof” that morality can indeed be subjective. It’s a really interesting phenomenon.

In any case, I got to talk to my friend/mentor Brenda about all this and more earlier today. It was awesome to hear her voice again and to get some of her input about life. Now I’m really excited for her to start school so I can visit her in her apartment (something I didn’t get to do last school year). She’s, like, the only reason I would want to be in Piscataway in September.

Something she said today keeps popping up in my head though. It sucks that my talks with Brenda must now be restricted to hour-long phone conversations.


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