The past week has been really cool for me. I’ve gotten to chill a lot with my family, hang with my high school friends, and generally enjoy life. I’ve also been able to do a lot of thinking but not too much. And I got to see some fireworks.

I think the chillness of life has been because I’ve just been doing more fun things. I hung out with friends and had some great chats, I went with my sister to uncover a mysterious light and I’ve spent a lot of time with my family. The unifying theme has honestly been good, honest conversations. It’s been really refreshing and helpful.

There are a few things I wanted to write about but it’s after midnight so I’m too tired to write about them right now. I will talk about the fireworks though. Last night (technically two nights ago) was the 4th of July fireworks show in my hometown. I’m not a huge fireworks fan because they always feel too long and they never look that cool. Anyway, my brother, sister, and I walked up to a nearby field to see the show while my mom, dad, and grandma drove up to meet us. When we got there on the field we sat down and waited for the lights’ show. And for some reason, when I saw it, it seemed so amazing.

Princeton did a fireworks show for the last night of reunions (or one of the commencement nights – it was such a long weekend) and it was nice to see. It was cool looking up at the sky with one of my oldest Princeton friends and enjoying the lights. But watching this fireworks show felt even better than that.

Last year I wasn’t home for Independence Day. It’s weird because it’s one of my fave holidays and I had to miss it. So I think when I watched that show last night, I was reminded of what I missed last year. I missed hanging out with my family and watching the mediocre fireworks show my town puts on. Those are the types of things I so frequently take for granted but those are honestly the things that have mattered the most in my life.

I think that’s why this summer has been secretly more awesome than I initially realized or expected. This may be the last time my whole family lives together under one roof. My brother plans on moving into a new apartment in September, my sister goes back to school, and God knows what will happen with me but I seriously don’t want to be around the house when my siblings are gone. Regardless, whatever happens, we won’t get many moments like this anymore. We won’t always be able to watch fireworks. And as much as I want to live my own life and get out of my hometown, I also want to be able to go home, grill with my family and watch some OK fireworks.


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