New Things

I’m not married to most of my opinions though I think some people think that I am. I just need a coherent argument and a clear head to be dissuaded. One of those opinions I can be dissuaded from is my belief in soulmates. I read this Boundless article which seemed especially written for me*. I certainly don’t agree with everything it says (for instance, he defines soulmates differently than I would) and it makes me want to read Plato (Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Imma let you finish but Plato’s Republic was the best book to come out of the Socratic school!) but I could be wrong about there being a “one”.

Being wrong is one of the most exciting feelings! I means I still get to learn stuff. I wish everyone could feel wrong sometimes.

*It showed up as the first thing on the homepage even though the article was written almost 10 years ago. Plus, I haven’t read Boundless in weeks.


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