I dream pretty regularly and I often remember what I dream about. Sometimes, when they seem important, I write them down. This is one of those times.

Last week, my confusing dream that I wrote about was one in which I went to India. I was there by myself but while I was there I met a woman who reminded me of my friend/mentor Brenda and I ran into a kid I went to school with and his girlfriend. It was an interesting dream. I didn’t do much in India, just walk around the city, whatever city I was in and I kept trying to get back to my hostel/hotel/room. I tried to do this three times and the last time I tried there was no room for me to go back to. I was alone in India and I couldn’t go back to my, albeit temporary, home.

The second dream was one I had last night. I don’t know where it started but the parts that I can remember start with my drawing a picture (tracing it really). My friend saw me doing this and she asked me if we could talk. I said I would talk to her after I finished the picture but instead I just blew her off (or I forgot about it). Later, I went to a church to store my laptop there (????) and I saw her but I ignored her again. It was weird.

The thing is, even though these two dreams sound totally disconnected, for some reason I associate one with the other. And I don’t really know why. And while the first dream felt like a dream about some future time, the second one felt like a revision of the past. I don’t know what all that means. It may not actually mean anything. I don’t know. These past few weeks have all been so weird for me.

In any case, I have started to look up flights to India so that’s something.


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