Senior Year

I realize now that I don’t have much to say about senior year. That’s not because nothing has happened – that’s certainly not true – it’s just because almost everything that has happened has been chronicled on this blog. So I don’t need to reminisce, I’ll just reread old blog posts.

I was just thinking about something that really frustrated me about most of senior year, something I won’t share here because I don’t know how to put it into words. I guess it wasn’t really a senior year frustration though. More like a life frustration. In any case, senior year had its highs and lows with way more highs at the end than lows. Reunions and commencement capped off a generally OK year, as did some final college chill sessions with JMac and Faith, people I wish I’d gotten to know better during my time at Princeton.

So I’ll end this post, this chapter/era of my life, with some things that have been really encouraging to me recently.

A word of advice from a 100-year old woman: “You will never cease to be amazed at how quickly life passes you.”

A verse from 1 Thessalonians 5:24: He who called you is faithful, he will surely do it.

A song from Laura Story: Blessings

I guess I’ll have to figure out a new category for my next posts :P.


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