Junior Year

Oh junior year, what should I say about you? You brought me my first encounter with independent work, my first separation from my freshman/sophomore year friends, and my first falling out with a friend. Oh the memories!

Junior year was probably the most different for me because it was unexpected. Unlike freshman year which was expectedly different, junior year proved unfamiliar in ways that I couldn’t have guessed. For whatever reason, I saw my friends from freshman/sophomore year less and I saw the friends I had made the year before much more. It wasn’t bad at all to hang out with my new friends more, I just didn’t know I’d be hanging with my old friends less.

Funny enough, this was the year I met people I wish I would’ve made more of an effort to get to know. There are some people at Princeton I wish I hadn’t met or spent considerable time with, mostly because when I think about it now, it all feels empty and useless. There are some dinners I wish I hadn’t had and some conversations I wish I had never started. Like I said in my freshman year post, that’s one of my biggest regrets about my time at Princeton. But there are also some people I wish I had gotten to know better sooner.

Of course, I can only say this because I know them better now but I still can’t help but wish I had known them better before too! The reason this comes up in my Junior year post is because this was the year I decided I wasn’t going to befriend any new people. I decided I had all the friends I needed and anyone else would just be overkill (I like to regulate the number of people I befriend partially because I can be a good friend to a lot of people or I can be a great friend to a few people and I’d rather be the latter). Needless to say, my philosophy about who I needed to befriend was proven wrong – as a great deal of my philosophies are – and I met some really amazing people my junior year but I didn’t allow myself to have the best time with them because I was too busy worried about other things. Only God knows what those other things were but they were obviously super important to me at the time.

I’m surprisingly sleepy. I may edit this post tomorrow. In any case, I know now that I should start tomorrow’s post at not-11 pm.


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