Thoughts on Sophomore Year

Sophomore year was a little more of a blur for me and it’s closer to midnight than I’d like, so this will be a shorter post.

As I think back to my second year at Princeton, I realize that it was kind of bookended by important communication moments but I won’t start there. I’ll start at the beginning.

The first part of sophomore year began with me befriending my senior year roommate and thus starting one of the most important relationships I’d have in my college career. That was generally true of sophomore year. I had deeper, more fulfilling friendships with people and I started to figure out some stuff. But that didn’t come without some expense.

Halfway through the fall semester of my sophomore year, I made a pretty bad communication decision. Those people I had hung out with freshman year that I didn’t really like had become the people I disliked but I didn’t choose the best time to share that with my friends. My friend was now dating one of them and I just couldn’t stand to be around him. During midterm week, my friend visited my room and I told her how I had been feeling. She appreciated my honesty but not my timing which had some negative repercussions for our friendship. They weren’t long-term repercussions but I did feel pretty dumb and selfish for giving her somewhat stressful info during the already stressful time of midterms (I never did really get good at not doing that).

The year went pretty smoothly from there with not many more highs or lows. There weren’t many more momentous times though it was generally pleasant. Like I said, I befriended the best friends I would have at Princeton that year so that was pretty good but I can’t really remember stand out moments from that year. However, I do remember the moment of good communication that came towards the end of the year.

Another friend of mine had recently ended a courting/dating relationship with this guy who went on to date someone else. The relationship was never really great – I don’t think either of them handled it properly given their intentions – but it had taken up most of my friend’s freshman year. In any case, it ended on a pretty sour note with the guy emailing her a “break-up” – as much as you can break up after not being boyfriend and girlfriend – and ignored her the following year.

All of sophomore year (and parts of junior year, as well) my friend was kind of plagued by this bad break up. I guess she felt like it came out of nowhere and there was no closure since he had just emailed his goodbye. So, without being too involved in other people’s business, I talked to the guy and expressed my concern with how things ended. He never spoke to my friend to clear things up or anything but it was cool to know that just my words had meant a lot to her. It was also important for me because I think it’s important to stick up for people you love, as much as you can.

Of course, there were other highlights and lowlights of that year (room drawma comes to mind) but in ten minutes it will be tomorrow so this will have to be sufficient for the day.

Tomorrow: Junior Year Baby!


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