Dean’s Date

Today is one of the hardest days at Princeton and a bunch of people are struggling right now. I figured I could share some interesting articles to 1) Put things in perspective and 2) Provide a welcome study break for someone out there. Here goes!


1. Friendship Beyond Besties. I always like to read articles about friendship because, well, that’s my thing. This one talks about how women are wired for more soulful friendships. Pretty good read though at one point the author quotes from the Apocrypha (awkward…).

Women and Church

2. Are Women Saved Through Childbearing? Referencing the verse in 1 Timothy, the author talks about the theology of childbirth and how it plays out in the church when women cannot conceive but want to. This one was interesting to me because my friend dropped by my room the other day to study and randomly brought this issue up. She told me a friend of hers didn’t want to get married because she didn’t want to have children. My friend asked if I thought that this was really the conclusion her friend should come to. I couldn’t answer the question because I honestly don’t know. I’ve never thought about what the Bible says about childbearing and how that translates into our conception of marriage. It’s a really interesting topic to think about.

3. John Piper and Femininity. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this article but I do think it brings up some interesting questions.

Christian Lifestyle

4. Are You Radical? Again, don’t know if I completely agree with this article but it talks about “radical Christianity” as a new form of legalism. It’s certainly worth thinking, talking, and writing about.

5. The State of the Apology. This one is about how we as a culture apologize and how that has lost its potency over the last few years. I like this one because it gives a nice checklist of what we should think about when we apologize. It’s a good reminder that an apology is more than just saying “sorry”.

6. Mental Illness and the Church. My roommate wrote her JP on a topic similar to this and my best friend has dealt with this as well so I thought this article was an important piece. It just talks about the way we should approach mental illness.

The World

7. What 90% of Americans are wrong about.This final link is a video that I found really interesting about the wealth gap in the US. It’s also disturbing/disheartening. Socialism anyone?


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