A Delightful Surprise

I was going to write a post about my screenwriting project but instead I’ll write about something way more interesting. I’ll start from the middle, go back to the beginning and then end at the end. It’ll be fun!

I went in for my creative writing appointment yesterday. I talked to my professor about my script, asking her organizational questions and such, and then she asked me what I was doing next year. I told her the most truthful answer than I’ve ever given a rando who asked me that question, not the usual “I don’t know, I’m applying for things and seeing what works out.” In fact, I gave her the same answer I wrote a blog post about a few days ago. Of course, I ended by telling her that whatever I do, I don’t want to be in NJ.

Her response to the final statement is what hit me the hardest. When I told her I didn’t want to be in NJ, I meant I’d rather be in DC, or Chicago, or NYC, or Philly. She took it and recommended I travel the world for a while. At first I thought of correcting her, or at least explaining that I meant out-of-state, not out-of-country but the more I thought about, the more it grew on me.

You may remember that a few months ago, I wrote a post about possible paths to take after graduation. In addition to work and grad school, I also put travel the world. I don’t remember my reason for not doing that one, though it was probably something silly like not being away from home for too long or leaving my friends. But honestly, I feel the exact opposite right now.

The past few weeks I’ve felt pretty claustrophobic, for lack of a better word, and sometimes lonely here at Princeton. I’m not saying traveling the world will make me feel any less like that, I just don’t think being here will either. Basically, I’m far more open now than I was before to leaving the states for a year or so.

With this new self-discovery, I went to my friend’s room where I told her about the idea and invited her to travel the world with me and she seemed on-board. We looked up possible temp jobs abroad, found some sites about housesitting and felt pretty excited by the end of our search. I walked back to my room really happy but there was one thing I still had to do.

The awesome thing about my MS meds is that I only have to take them once a month and they’re pretty painless. The less awesome thing is that I have to take them at specific facilities and I have to think about those things in advance if I plan on traveling long-term (or really doing anything long-term). I spoke to the people who make the medicine, not knowing whether I wanted them to say yes I could go abroad or no it wasn’t possible. When the woman told me that that there were facilities around the world that could administer the medication I was pretty hopeful so I guess I wanted to hear a yes all along.

So that was my delightful surprise. I’m not saying that I will definitely be traveling around the world next year. I still have to pray a lot about that one. But I do feel like it’s time for a change. Time to see new faces, make new friends, and create new memories. That could happen in DC or Chicago or NYC or Italy or Germany or Spain. I’m just excited about the idea that it could happen :).


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