A Lot of Thoughts

After I went to brunch this morning, I left with a lot of thoughts. I considered only mentioning a few here but I decided that wouldn’t do justice to everything that’s actually going through my mind. Admittedly, this won’t be everything that I’m thinking because some things don’t need to be shared with the general public but this is most of what I’m thinking. Here are the highlights in list form (I’ll explain them all):

Cell phones, lateness, “Who do you say I am?”, “I become all things to all people”, her own person, outside, walking.

I thought of cell phones when I looked around the table at brunch and noticed that everyone was checking something on them. Be it the time or a text message, phones were out in full swing this morning. People were checking phones for good reasons (seeing if friends were on their way) and other reasons (texting other people for fun) but it made me think of a lot of things.

I do this too. I’ve tried to do this less than before but I still text while I’m eating with someone or generally play with my phone. It’s pretty uncool. The whole system is very unfortunate because it gets you from both sides. Here’s what I mean: sometimes when you’re eating you have to text someone to see if they’re on their way and sometimes when I’m on my way I want someone to respond to my text telling them that I’m almost there. I want to have my cake and eat it too. I want people to not text at a meal but I also want people to always be available to me, especially via text. I don’t think that’s just me, I think it’s a product of our culture. What happened in the days when cell phones didn’t exist and you just had to assume someone would be somewhere when they said they would?

Of course, we can’t assume people will be somewhere when they say they will because of lateness. I don’t know if lateness is a cultural/societal thing or just a collegiate thing but either way it’s pretty messed up. I had to figure this out the hard way. I’m not someone who is always early/on-time, though I try to be more punctual now than I was before. The reason I think it may be a collegiate thing is because I think it may be a maturity thing. Here’s why: when you’re late to a meeting or a meal or anything else, you’re practically telling the other party that your time is more valuable than theirs. And that’s not a nice thing to tell someone.

Back in freshman and sophomore year, I used to eat a lot with two girls in my Bible course. We were/are really great friends so we would basically have dinner together in the dining hall every night. One day, the more punctual friend asked us to be at dinner at a certain time. Of course, as per usual, I left my room at the time she wanted us to be at dinner while my other friend left a little later. When I got to the dining hall, I could tell my friend was upset but I honestly did not know why. The other friend and I later realized that we should probably be more timely when dealing with this friend. In the interest of full disclosure, we were not much more punctual after that encounter. I’m still not consistently punctual. But I think everyone can relate to the feeling of being annoyed when someone is late for a meeting with you. Lateness is kind of rude and I don’t want to be known as a rude person.

The quote from Matthew and Luke was something I was considering in conjunction with the previous thought and also because of something a friend said to me. She said something about me always looking like I thought the world was a joke or something. She said it much better than I just did. I actually thought it was a really good description of a look, whether or not I thought it accurately described me.

Our other friend was having brunch with us and she asked if that was an accurate description of me. I didn’t know if she was serious or not – I assumed she was – but either way I didn’t give a response, mostly because I didn’t have one. It made me instead think of the question Jesus poses to his disciples that I alluded to earlier: Who do you say I am? For my purposes it would have been rephrased probably but the sentiment would have been there.  Because honestly, I would love to know what my friends think of me. Do they think I’m laughing through life, viewing it all as a big joke, and rolling with the punches?

Either way, I got an answer to my question later at brunch when it was just Faith and I. She quoted one of the verses I have hanging up on my wall, 1 Corinthians 9:22. It’s a verse I’ve always wanted to embody so it was cool to hear that in some way she thought I did.

Of course, we were talking about this in contrast to another mutual friend whom Faith so aptly described as “her own person”. It made me wonder, could I be both my own person and all things to all people? It’s a much more complicated dichotomy than I can describe here; maybe I’ll write a post about it some other time. If I’m one, should I desire to be the other?

Outside and walking will be quick little bits. I’m excited to be outside because it’s a really beautiful day. I’m going walking with my friend so that will be a nice little break from stuff.

Congrats if you read through all my thoughts :). I know it may seem a little disjointed and not fully explained. Maybe I’ll explicate them some day when I’m older, wiser, and more mature.


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