Sermons on Friendship

Today I decided to go to the NCC morning service. I figured it’d be good to go since tonight there will be a concert @ NCC so it won’t feel the same as a church service. I also did it because God is a beast and He does really cool things in people’s lives. So today the pastor started a sermon series on friendship.

If you know me at all you know that friendship is probably my favorite topic. If I could get a PhD in friendship, I would and it would be amazing. To me, friendship is one of those gifts of God that is unfortunately underrated but so important. I don’t think friendship is the most important relationship we’re privy to but I do think it’s a really important one. Definitely in the top 5.

So today the pastor opened the series talking about bad friends. It’s a fairly straightforward topic that I’ve heard about before but while he was sketching out some of the characteristics of a bad friend I thought a lot about what that actually means. A lot of those characteristics – gossip, hot tempered, violent, troublemaker – have been me at some stage. I don’t think my friends would describe me as any of those things but I also don’t think they would have too much trouble finding moments in my life where these characteristics have shown up in my interactions with them (maybe they’d have trouble pointing out violence; I don’t usually fight people I’ve only known for a few years) .

So as he was telling the congregation to stay away from these types of friends, I thought about the passage he read earlier from a book or something by Charles Stanley* which noted that no friendship is perfect because no person is perfect. The point of friendship is the joining together of equally mature people seeking the mutual companionship and betterment of each other. So even though I’m not always perfect because I have all of these delightful shortcomings *sarcasm*, my friends are supposed to be the ones who point those things out and help me work through them. And in my experience they are.

I’m super excited about this sermon series on friendship. You can expect an update about this every Sunday or Monday for the next few weeks. It’s gonna be HUGE!

*I’m not familiar with Charles Stanley so I don’t know yet if he’s someone whose work I generally agree with. But I did like what he had to say in that chapter in that book.


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