I’ve always really liked looking up at the stars. When I was a kid I had a telescope that I would sometimes set up on my back porch and I would just look up at the sky. Even now, I walk around campus and I’m not as impressed by the beauty of the architecture as I am by everything that’s above me in the night sky. There is something so thoroughly sublime about recognizing that you are a part of something so great.

Last night after I finished my tea date with a friend (I love tea dates now) I walked back to my room alone. It was about ten at night and I was looking up as I normally do when I’m walking alone at night. I picked the right night! What I saw was a lunar halo, something that’s not super rare but still really cool to look at. When I saw it, I knew in that moment that I had to go to the field behind my dorm and experience it from there. I hurriedly walked to the field at 10 pm, noticed that no one else was there and looked up at the sky.

I felt so small. Standing on that huge field, looking up at the endless sky, I felt like an ant. It felt scary and humbling and exciting all at the same time. It felt good.

There’s something great about being a part of something bigger but not letting its size overwhelm you. When I looked up at that lunar halo in that field, it was like, “man God, this universe is so much bigger than me”. The cool thing is, for some reason, God uses people as small as me – some even smaller – to make big things happen. That’s why I love looking up at the night sky: you get a sense of God’s infinitude but the fact that you have access to it shows you how close by God can be. It’s a very cool feeling.


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