Thesis Update: March Madness?

Normally, I front-load my posts with a short thesis update and end with a longer discussion on the topic of my choice but since I haven’t written a thesis update in a few days, I’ve decided that will be the bulk of this post while I’ll talk about some less important things upfront.

For the past two or three years I’ve filled out a March Madness bracket and it’s usually pretty fun. Basketball is my second-favorite major sport so I enjoy participating in this game of luck. (It’s my second-favorite only because hockey and soccer don’t count as major sports in the US. Soccer is non-American and only Canadians and people who live next to Canada play hockey.) I also have this weird complex where I always think I’m going to win a chance-based game. It’s really odd. So March Madness is underway and even though basketball is silly because the rules don’t make sense like they do in football, I like seeing if my chosen team won or lost.

Now for the thesis update: I don’t know why I haven’t updated about this sooner because right now my thesis is in a pretty decent place. I only have one chapter left (and 3 weeks left to write it) so hopefully I can knock that out this week and begin the cumbersome task of editing my thesis. The last chapter I handed in to my advisor turned out really good in my opinion, so hopefully the other chapters can be of the same caliber. 

Next deadline: Final chapter completed by next Sunday. I figured I’d be off schedule because I completed my last chapter later than I wanted to (I finished it on Friday instead of Wednesday) but I’m looking at the calendar in my room and I marked 3/31 as the day I wanted to complete my thesis. Granted, that date may have included revisions but either way, I’m on track to finish my thesis on time (that is, the time I wanted to finish it; it’s not technically due until 4/15)! It’ll be weird to be done with this and then only be taking two classes. I can’t say that I’ve really felt the pain of my thesis yet (and I certainly don’t want to) but life will be even less painful once it’s handed in. Then I can read and edit my junior friends’ JPs!


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