Thesis Update: Intellectual Christianity

My goal for the day was to make it to 15 pages by 9 or so but I only made it to 11 at that point.  It was five pages written during the day which is a good pace to try to keep up heading into due date time but I think I’ll be staying up a little later than usual adding the finishing touches to this draft.

You may notice that the post-colon part of the blog post title says “Intellectual Christianity”. Well done. Recently (which more accurately means today and yesterday), I’ve been thinking about the premium we put on an intellectual Christianity. At an elite university like this we’re often tempted, even compelled to intellectualize our faith. If we can’t rationalize it, if we can’t prove it, then it’s null and void.

I’m not speaking against apologetics here*, considering the mandate in 1 Peter, I think it’s important to be able to defend your faith. But even in that passage, I don’t necessarily think that the defense we’re called to make must be founded in centuries of mathematical and scientific thought. I just think we need to be ready and able to defend it.

I believe in God like I believe in my dad. He’s been around for as long as I can remember. I talk to him pretty frequently. He gives me nice things. I have a relationship with him. I guess, if I really wanted to, I could biologically explain the existence of my dad and why that’s relevant to me. In the same way, I could explain philosophically, or scientifically, or mathematically, the existence of God – I could even explain why He must be the Christian God – but I don’t want to. It’s a relationship and I don’t want to have to rationalize my relationships.

I think when we do this, when I do this, it’s taking the lazy way out. It’s the phenomenon of “show me, don’t tell me”. Christianity is all about our relationship with God and as a result, our relationships with others. But in reality, it’s often easier to tell someone why God must exist and give them all the cold, hard, facts than to show them what it means to love God with all you heart, soul, strength and mind and to love others as yourself. I don’t want to give people the facts anymore. I want to show them the truth.

*In the Greek, apology literally means, to speak against. No pun intended but I thought it was pretty punny :).


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