Thesis Update

I haven’t been diligently working on my thesis since my first chapter was due nor have I felt compelled to update about it here. I just had more important stuff to take care of OK! So now, maybe for the first time ever, I’ll provide a thesis update.

I’ve begun to employ a new method for working on my thesis, one focused on time spent as opposed to pages written. It’s been working fairly well. Since I started (like, 4 days ago) I wrote the beginning of my conclusion (1 page woot woot!) and I’ve revised my intro. Now to start on the big dogs: the chapters.

Fortunately, I only have three chapters and I think they’ll break down pretty nicely into ~20 page papers. I talked to my advisor yesterday and we decided that I’d have one chapter handed in to him each week so that he can edit them and give feedback and so I’ll have time to have a shiny, polished, and revised thesis before April 15th. So basically, we’ve developed a near fool proof plan. The only problem, the proverbial fool in the plan, is that I haven’t actually finished reading my primary source.

I know what you’re thinking, are you a dummy?? Why haven’t you done that yet?? Shouldn’t you have done that months ago? My answer to all of your questions is yes. Except the middle one to which my answer is “I really don’t have an answer for that”. To solve this problem, I’ve created another schedule for myself. The way this breaks down is that I spend Tuesday post-seminar until Sunday working on the chapter I have due that week including reading the poem and combing through secondary sources. Then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I’ll work on stuff for my two other classes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this plan doesn’t work exactly as I hope. In fact, my Tuesday seminar has a paper due next week (yay midterms!) so I’ll almost definitely be working on it this week unless I do some very thorough brainstorming and then just write the 8 pages all on Monday. Also, my creative writing course, which I love, is getting to the part of the semester where it’s becoming a time suck (in a good way). We have 3-5 pages of the screenplay due next week. Granted, I don’t think of it as work and I usually just write in my free time or whenever I think of something but it is yet another deadline I need to be mindful of.

Also, I’m starting to think about all the fun things I’ll be doing soon, like roadtripping to Niagara Falls with my homies or seeing Spiderman on Broadway and then I get too excited. So, to keep myself sane, I’ll do a thesis update here at the end of each day.

I have 6 weeks left to complete my thesis, lessgo!


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