The Most Important Day of the Year

…is the day when we get to recognize and love others. Technically that should be everyday but some days it’s more acceptable than others. Today might not be the single most important day of the year but it’s definitely in my top ten (along with Christmas/Easter, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Mom/Dad/brother/sister birthdays). It’s the day I get to thank God for allowing me to meet someone as amazingly fantastic as my best friend and (hopefully) show her and everybody else just how thankful I am. I could write a million words on here about her but I don’t have that many days. Instead, I’ll just say:

Happy Birthday Jessica! You’re easily one of the best people I’ve ever met and you’re certainly one of my favorites ;).


One thought on “The Most Important Day of the Year

  1. Thanks, DJP. I felt really celebrated and loved–and I’m really grateful that God decided to share you with me by letting us be friends 🙂 Youdda best!

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