Socialization Update #1

At the end of two days, I’m in the lead for the person I spend the most time with (not a surprise). I have six hours of time spent exclusively with myself in the past two days. The runner-up has half as much time.

Again, as a reminder to myself, this isn’t a competition of who tries to spend the most time with Danielle. It’s just a chance to see who I actually do spend the most time with. Also, I’m in the lead for time spent chilling (since I separated chilling and working). For time spent working I’m pretty much in the middle of the pack.

Another addendum: I don’t know if I wrote this when I added that I would be tracking my time spent with God but I’m not tracking things like group daily prayer, Friday night fellowship, or church on Sunday. I’m only tracking the time I spend alone with God. Though I recognize that it’s very possible to spend time with God in these other settings, I also realize that, just like with friends, there has to be a one-on-one component to my relationship with God as well. So basically, in the same way that small group interactions with friends get tracked (when there are 3 or 4 friends in a group), I’ll track small group interactions with God (though not many of those happen in my life).


DJP out!


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