Good Days

This week has been one of good days, especially yesterday (but not counting last night when my body decided to expel everything I had put in it earlier…TMI, I know). And it’s just going to get better! So I wanted to share the awesome moments. Some may seem mundane or even boring, but for me all of these moments were really uplifting.

Yesterday morning, I had my Thesis Proposal Defense. I expected it to be scary and really difficult but instead it was very relaxed and pretty helpful.

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into my friend who recently got engaged (!) and I got a chance to congratulate him!

Last night, after class, I ran into my roommate in Frist and we hung out in the TV lounge for a while before she went to work and I went back to my room.

While I was walking back to my room, I passed my friend’s former roommate who now lives in my building. We would see each other a lot last year because I was in her room visiting my friend often but now, even though we only live a few floors away, we hardly ever see each other. It was nice running into her. Added bonus: I ran into her again this afternoon!

At dinner, I talked to my friend Allie. She’s just such a cool kid. We really should hang out more.

At Legacy, one of the Christian fellowship groups on campus, I heard a really thought-provoking talk about marriage, sex, and singleness.

Also at Legacy, I sat next to someone – I want to say a girl but she’s over 18, but it feels odd to call her a young lady because I’m only 21 – whom I had met the previous afternoon, after leaving a mentoring session. I asked her about her day and she was refreshingly candid with me, even though we didn’t even really remember each others’ names and we had only met the day before. That was a really encouraging moment.

After Legacy, I hung out with my friend, Jackson, for a bit, which is always a good time.

Next, I had a meeting with the leaders of the other evangelical fellowships on campus. It was cool talking about ways in which our ministries can collaborate over the next semester.

Finally, I got back to my room, chatted for a bit with my roommate and went to bed. Before I fell asleep I couldn’t help but thank God for the things He’s done in my life, even over the past few days. I now feel such a sense of freedom and joy that has been hidden away for the past few weeks. It’s amazing how God really does answer prayer.

Yesterday was a long day but it was really fulfilling. Honestly, I could write something like this for each day (I already have a bunch of great things that have happened today and it’s only 1 pm)! It’s just encouraging to remember the ways God has affected me each day and stepped into my life.


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