Growing Up

I’m finally understanding (or at least coming to terms with) my dread. When I stop and think about it, this is the same feeling I had about coming home this summer. I was so anxious that everything would be horrible, that I’d be miserable, and that I wouldn’t be able to wait to leave. After a few days though, everything changed. I went from dreading my stay at home to really looking forward to it and that’s my hope for my time at Princeton. Now the only thing I worry about is when it ends. When I finally left home a few days ago there was a sort of realization that going back would never be the same. Maybe some people feel this when they first leave to go to college but for me it hasn’t happened until now. I know the same thing will happen when I leave Princeton for good. Even though I’m sure I’ll be welcome back there and I’m sure I’ll return, it won’t be the same.

I guess that’s part of growing up.


Pax Christi,



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