What Am I Doing Wrong?

I have to ask myself this question when I look at the politicians who are currently running our country or campaigning to do so. Yes, this is a political post.

Obviously, there is no “Jesus politician”. I won’t lie and say I’m OK with that, but I have learned to accept it (even though based on some Facebook posts it seems that some of my friends haven’t realized that yet. Obama does not equal “prophecy fulfilled”. GOP does not stand for God’s Only Party). But I do have to wonder what I’m doing wrong to desire a politician who wants to help the least of these but also has some moral standards.

Maybe I shouldn’t care about these things at all. After all, I come from a well-off family, I had a decent public school education, I’ve never had to think about getting an abortion, and I can marry any guy I want. Technically the last part isn’t true because I’m not a supermodel but you get the idea. On top of that, I have no job to complain about, no home to maintain, and no family of my own since I’m still in college. Basically, I’m in the best possible situation. I’m living large.

So maybe I’m too idealistic. That could very well be the problem. But seemingly worse off people have shared greater optimism. Sometimes, I just want to boycott voting. I wish I had the platform to make that an effective statement. The funny thing is, I’m pretty anti not-voting. So after all that, I have to conclude that I’m doing it wrong. No political issue is immediately relevant to me so why should I care at all about other people’s welfare. Isn’t that what America is all about? We’re not the three musketeers, we’re individuals. We’re self-made men and women who shouldn’t be concerned with how others live their lives. At least that’s what politicians try to convince us of every four years.

America is so self-made that we called on France during the Revolutionary War because we just wanted them to get in on the action. We’re so self-made that we used African slaves to build commerce and help propel the country into the industrial age. We’re so self-made that we never borrow money from any other countries. Ever.

I love the US. I’m just a realistic idealist. Realistically, we’ve gotten where we are today with the help of many people. I guess I’m just idealistic that we’ll be able to show that same generosity to our own citizens.

But maybe I’m just a whiny college-kid. Maybe I’ll be saying the opposite in 10 years. I pray that won’t happen though.

Sanguine Christi,


Thanks for the link JHay.


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