4 Reactions to New Phones

I do intend to write a longer post tonight but in case I don’t I’m sure this will suffice. It’s interesting to think about this as I get ready to buy a new laptop.

My sister got a new phone the other day and here are 4 things I’ve noticed about people with new phones.

1. They smell funny. No, I’m kidding :). But they do act more important than you. I don’t know why this is the case, but it seems like when people get new things they think the new thing somehow makes them more important. It’s odd. Or maybe that’s just my ego talking. Maybe that’s not a real thing.

2. They become more selfish. When my sister first got her phone no one was allowed to touch it. It didn’t matter if we were trying to show her something on the phone, we couldn’t grab it or take it out of her hands. It was very trying.

3. Every emotion is amplified. I guess this is more like overreaction. If anyone would have dropped my sister’s phone I think we would be at the hospital right now, awaiting their recovery. But it’s not just anger that’s amplified. When she first got to hold her phone she was beaming. I don’t think she could’ve stopped smiling even if she wanted to.

4. They develop an unhealthy attachment to the phone. This is the most unfortunate one because it doesn’t ever really go away. I still take my phone out at meals or text when I shouldn’t (such bad habits!). It’s a hard habit to break because it starts the moment you get your phone and it’s all because of the first three.

I don’t say these things to make fun of my sister. I think it happens to everyone (or at least everyone in my family). It’s so…weird.



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