More Impressions 2

Here are the most recent ones (I’m up to date!). Excuse the errors. I’ll correct this later.

July 11th, 2012

The day began much differently than usual since we took a ride from En-Gev to a museum by boat. Crossing the Sea of Galilee was exciting for two reasons. One: boat rides are always more enjoyable than other types of rides and two: we were provided a new perspective on some sites we had already seen. In the middle of the lake, we were shown a demonstration of how fisherman in Jesus’ day would catch fish. The captain of the boat took out a net and threw it in the water, then he waited a bit and pulled it back it. Unfortunately, we weren’t successful at catching fish on our first try but maybe when I come back here I’ll have more luck.

The boat ride took us to a museum which housed the “Jesus boat”, a boat which was discovered around 20 years ago but dates back to the time of Jesus. I imagine the name of the boat is just another tourist attraction since nothing about the boat led me to believe that it was used by Jesus and his disciples. I guess the fact that such a boat could have been used by them is enough to draw attention.

Our next few stops were all churches with each one more amazing than the last. The first was a church built to commemorate the Feeding of the 5000 since some believe it happened nearby. The next church was the Church of the Primacy, commemorating the verse where Jesus tells Peter, “On this rock I will build my church”. The final church was the Church of the Beatitudes. Admittedly, none of these churches was more beautiful than the other but the atmosphere at each place became increasingly more Spirit-filled. At the final church, went on a platform and heard a homily and worshiped together, which added to the atmosphere. We also heard many other groups worshiping around us, all in different languages and it was reminiscent of the passage in Revelations and what Heaven will be like.

From the churches, we went to Corazin, a place Jesus curses in the Bible. There we saw a synagogue and an ancient home. Next our journey took us to Capernaum, Jesus’ hometown and we saw the supposed House of Peter and an old synagogue that may have been the place where Jesus worshiped. There was also a church there that overlooked the ruins of Peter’s house and the church itself was pretty extraordinary. We also had a great view of the Sea of Galilee.

Our final stop was to Bethsaida, though this name is controversial in itself. The place that we went to that may have been Bethsaida may not have been the actual location of the Biblical town. However, this practice of questioning Biblical sites isn’t new to us and so it isn’t at all disheartening. It just shows a reality about humans and human history that we don’t stop building and evolving but we still want to retain our past traditions.


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