Family and Friends

I really did desire to write this last post of the week on Friday, but since it’s 10 minutes to midnight I highly doubt that will happen. Either way, since I’ll be gone for the next two weeks and I likely won’t be updating as frequently as I do now, I wanted to talk about how awesome my family and friends are.

I don’t have to really say much about my family. They love me and support me and do everything they can to encourage me. Just this morning, my dad was making calls for hours just to straighten out a situation that had come up with a doctor’s appointment. All of them are amazing and worthy of many blog posts but I don’t think there’s enough time in the world for that.

Then there’s my friends. They’re awesome too. Sometimes I just sit and think about how blessed I am to know them because I can honestly say I’m a much better person because of it. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I’m not making them a little worse every time we hang out (not seriously, but kind of…). They’re amazing people who also deserve their own blog posts, but alas, not today.

I write these things because I’m well aware of the fact that I’m not the best at being open or expressing my feelings but I do feel this way. The amount of love I have for all of these people is ridiculous, I can’t even explain it. Still, the unfortunate thing is that I’m not even a good enough writer to convey the emotion I feel.  I’m also writing this because over the past week I’ve been thinking deeply about my family and friends and my present and my future. And since it’s already 3 minutes after midnight I’ll take my time.

Sometimes, I just sit and think, Wow God! Really? This is amazing! These people are amazing and they remind me so much of You! That’s really true. All of these people remind me so much of different qualities of God and show me a glimpse of what an eternity with Him will be like. It’s only a tiny glimpse but it’s still there. And I guess the icing on the cake for me is that I know that I can show that to other people. Or at least try.

It may not be that I’m a great friend (because I don’t think that I am) but I am passionate and loyal and loving. And I think I could show that to people. I could show them how all these relationships have affected me and that they’re really worth pursuing.

So yeah, I’m hoping these next few weeks will be a good time for me to learn a lot about Jesus and his ministry and see the land Jesus saw. But I’m also hoping I can build some important relationships and show people how God has worked in my life through family and friends.

It’s funny, because those two words are the most common tags I use in my posts. Coincidence?


Amor Christi,



My favorite Latin word for love is diligere, which means “to esteem”. It comes from two words: one means “to choose” while the other means “out” or “from”. So it basically means “to pick out (from a group)”. I feel like it’s a perfect word to describe Christ’s love for us and it’s good for describing the love between friends (not as good for familial love though). Unfortunately, the noun form of this word, diligentia, has a slightly different meaning (it’s where we get “diligence” from). Hence, I had to settle for amor (technically I could’ve said charitas but there are other reasons why that’s not my favorite Latin word for love). 


This ends the week of the daily post. I tried so hard to post everyday before I left but…well, we saw what happened.


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