Hold My Heart

Some people know a lot of things about me. One of those things that these people might know is that I really like depressing love songs. I could listen to sad love songs and a Phil Wickham album all day and be extremely satisfied. Obviously, that’s not the only music I like but usually if the bpm is really high but the artist isn’t singing about Jesus I’m pretty uninterested. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember so…

Anyway, I was thinking about what draws me to that type of music. But let me preempt that discussion by saying this: I don’t want to be the kid in junior high who’s always posting about heavy or sad stuff. I really like happy and fun things too! In fact, I’m smiling as I write this! But alas, today is not the day. So yeah, I thought about why I like sad love songs. It’s not just because of the beautiful melody; the lyrics are usually what move me. Usually, the song talks about this innate and basic human desire we have to be known and loved by someone. We want so much to give away our deepest secrets, hopes, and dreams even though we know that we could end up disappointed. We look anywhere and everywhere for that person who’ll be able to accept our flaws, appreciate our dreams and see our beauty.
Yet still, there’s no shortage of songs like this. When I turn on my Adele albums or John Mayer recordings (two artists who are awesome!) I’m in music heaven because track after track I hear about a desire for something or someone more. It’s one of the most basic human needs so I guess it feels good to hear other people sing about it. But obvs, everyone is still looking. Earlier, I posted two songs that share a title and a sentiment. One is by Sara Bareilles, a singer whom I listen to a lot since she has a good number of sad love songs, and the other is by Tenth Avenue North, a group I don’t listen to as much (I’m more of a Phil Wickham fan) but I’ve heard some of their stuff. They both have the same basic idea – a desire for someone to console them, shield them, appreciate them, love them properly – but they approach it from two pretty different perspectives. I just think it’s interesting to see where humanity is. We all want the same basic thing, we just don’t all know how to get it or, better yet, how to receive it.

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