For the past few months, I’ve kind of come to terms with leaving college. I’m actually pretty excited about starting a new chapter in my life. But the other day I realized what exactly it means to be out of school. 

There is no other time in life quite like college. It’s pretty amazing. You’re able to talk to people you never would have met in your hometown and you build relationships with people who have completely different life philosophies. Before college, you’re in high school where kids are only pretending to think differently from their parents and so they’re highly influenced by their peers. After college you’re in the “real world” where people have routines and beliefs that are pretty well-developed. But in college, there’s so much fluidity. People are still bold enough to ask questions but also curious enough to actually hear the responses. 

It’s something I’ll miss greatly, especially when it comes to talking about issues of faith and religion. Even with my non-Christian friends, I talk about these issues more often than I ever did in high school and more than I ever may in the future. My biggest fear is that it won’t only be the change of setting but there may also be a change in me. Will I not want to talk about God when I’ll have less time to slow down and appreciate everything around me? Or will it just be that, regardless of my desire, there won’t be the time or place or interest of another person?

Even now, I think about how life will be when I graduate (which isn’t for a year, but still). Even if I call my friends from school once a week (that may be an overestimate though), how often would our conversation turn to God? How often would we want it to? In between catching up and sharing funny stories how much time would we have left over to just bask in the awesomeness that is Jesus Christ?

I want to really appreciate this last year I’ll have in college. Not because I think it’ll be the last chance I get to have impromptu conversations about spiritual things, but because it’s a part of my life. I’m not a huge fan of living everyday like it’s your last (I think that could end up dangerous…) but I do think we should appreciate the time we do have and use it well, in a way that will glorify God. So if I’m blessed enough to make it to (and through) my senior year, I don’t want to squander that time just thinking about how things may or may not be when I graduate. 

But these are things I think about so it’s sometimes hard to find a balance.





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