A Blank Slate

I finally finished cleaning my room!

It’s exciting because now I can walk around in it without fearing for my life! It’s also exciting because I put some stuff from my dorm room on my walls so I feel at home. I laugh writing that, since I am technically at home in that I’m at the place where my family lives. But admittedly, home doesn’t feel complete without some reminders of the things and people I left behind at school.

The one thing that especially makes home feel weird is my whiteboard. I realize that’s an odd thing to be homesick for but let me explain. At school, even when I’d shut myself in my room or stay out of my room all day, my whiteboard was a reminder that there were people around me. I’m not popular by any means, but every once in a while I’d get an unexpected note on my whiteboard and it was always super exciting. And everyday before I left my room I’d look to the right to check out my whiteboard; sometimes to see if anything new was written but mostly to smile at the older stuff. Sometimes, I’d get a surprise message from someone I didn’t expect. Other times I’d get a ‘hi!’ from a good friend. Either way, it was always exciting to check out. 

At home, I have the whiteboard up but it’s not the same. First off, only 1 of 4 people could write on it so it’s not actually that surprising. Secondly, I love my family so much but there’s something cool about being reminded that you still have friends (at least to me). I think that’s it. When I check out my whiteboard at school and someone has written on it or I’m just checking out the previously written stuff, I’m reminded that people who don’t have to love me still decide to all the time. That’s really powerful to me. And even more beautiful.

But that’s probably because I’m obsessed with friendship…





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