Learning New Things

I’m a fairly boring person. It’s something that I’ve always known but became especially aware of while playing “the question game”. It’s a game you play when your friend’s flight gets delayed 4 hours and she wants to talk to someone. It’s also one of my favorite games. It’s actually awesome. Anyway, it was while I was playing this game that I remembered how uninteresting I am. However, it was just now that I realized how beautiful that is.

When people see me, (I assume) they don’t see a boring kid with a boring life who says and does boring things. They see someone completely different. I used to really hate that. I found it annoying that people thought I was more cool than I actually was. But now I can’t help but smile at that reality; not because I’m hoodwinking people, but because people have a beauty about them that is so inexplicable. I wonder if that’s what God sees when He looks at us. There’s something beautiful about His creation, even us.

Our greatest desire (or at least mine) is to see people and be truly seen by them. God knows that – He created us that way – and He does that. I think on some really really deep down level, when people see the things about me that I call boring they feel as though they see me. I know I feel that way about others. Sometimes, just learning about my friends bad qualities makes me feel closer to them though I admit I always think the opposite will happen when they learn about my (innumerable) bad qualities.

This could also simply reflect the way I think about things and people. When I tell one of my closest friends how awesome she is, she often lets me know that not everyone thinks that. Obviously, I don’t think this is because she has self-esteem issues, in fact, she’s probably right. I’m sure not everyone feels the way I do. But I’m also pretty sure that’s because they haven’t seen the “boring” parts about her. Not the surface-level boring stuff that everyone knows – the good stuff. I guess the same would be true for me. People are attracted to the “boring” stuff. Not simply the Danielle who doesn’t go to The Street or The A&B (!). That’s admittedly pretty boring. But the deeper boring stuff, like the Danielle who really loves studying Latin, especially irregular verbs, or who can’t keep a diary for reasons even she doesn’t really know, that could seem interesting (I guess).

I think that’s the stuff people like to learn. But then again, I could be wrong.




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